Neighbors Associations:


The Neighbors Associations created in 2017 work with all apartment buildings and both trailer parks. We provide help for tenants and we mediate in situations that involve a possible eviction. We also work to help managers and landlords connect with their tenants.



We continue to offer help to tenants from people in need of help to prevent evictions and have helped landlords and managers to better communicate with their residents.   

              We offer:

  • Cultural competence and communication

  • Language translation and interpretation

  • Mediation

  • Intervention

  • Education

  • Eviction mitigation


Our work continues. We are trying to bring proposals to the City  to prevent abuses of tenants. As part of the work we also are working on education and raising awareness of the housing issues in Northfield.

With the work of a Carleton College Media class we created a video on housing that illustrates the needs in Northfield: