The large immigrant and growing refugee communities in Northfield have been largely invisible for many years and suffer issues that are specific to them. Neighbors United and other groups in town work to bring visibility while empowering the community. 


Neighbors United is committed to be a group open to everybody with the intention to break barriers and gaps between groups. Everybody is welcomed no matter their race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or economic status.


Neighbors United started with a core of four immigrant women and the support of their husbands. The four women were also at the time the anchors at the local radio show in Spanish. “El Súper Barrio Latino”, in The One, KYMN, local radio station in Northfield. From there the group has become a larger group where everybody is welcomed.

Neighbors United had been working in the Northfield area in Southern Minnesota for two years before it was founded January 31st of 2017 by Marlene Rojas, Taide Rodriguez-Marcial, Lucy González Mirón, Mar Valdecantos, Erubiel Marcial and Anthony Pahnke.